Monday, September 13, 2010


Once upon a time I knit a beautiful sweater. It was shade of purple with a nice open pattern. I made it in worsted weight wool which was a big mistake, but still I loved its beauty even if I almost never wore it because it made me sweat profusely. You see I made it to wear in spring and fall when the temperatures of LA drop all the way into the 70s. I should have made it for winter, but I was naive.

And then I washed it...

I put it in the washer with my other wool sweater (the one I made from washable wool) as an experiment to see if I could in fact wash the sweater in the machine. I put in on the hand wash/drip dry setting. What came out was a very beautiful toddler sized creation.

Consider this lesson learned. You CAN felt a wool sweater in a front loading washer even on the hand wash setting.


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